Ng Yong Hui – CGlas is a Singapore based artist and has worked for companies such as Shadowverse and Legend of Cryptids. He is currently a freelance digital illustrator and art teacher in Singapore.

CGlas currently works with his partner Jason Koh in developing a fantasy RPG game called Pentopia, as the lead creative designer.

The brainchild of concept artist, Ng Yong Hui “CGlas”, and writer Jason Koh of Neo Tokyo ProjectPentopia is an original roleplaying game world set within a magical garden realm blessed by the ancient Progenitors – insect deities that govern weal and woe. It is compatible with the 5th edition of the world’s greatest tabletop roleplaying game.

Ng Yong Hui paints a brilliant garden realm filled with myriad elements and expansive ecology.

Venture through the root-filled caverns of the Undergrowth, the fetid, sulfur ridden Duskridge, and the dangerous Depths of Thorn. At the same time, enjoy a moment’s respite in hidden, sun-kissed glades and all that a civilization that lives in harmony with the natural world has to offer.

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