Who We Are

Blu Water Ink is a Canada based art studio that represents some of the most influential digital artists around the world. At Blu Water Ink, we are grateful to our artist, partners whom are willing to share their life long developed skills and devotion to illustrative creation, and aim to showcase and promote the works of our partners all across North America.

What We Do

Blu Water Ink aims to showcase and bring to light a new level of artistic value, at Comic and Anime conventions all across the Americas. We travel from event to event, in the mission of promoting the arts as a viable and profitable career, so that aspiring creatives or even the enthusiastic appreciator are encouraged to pursue and/or show support the creatives industry.

At Blu Water Ink all artists are  partners, and are fairly represented  individually at conventions all across North America. Blu Water Ink takes great pride in being able to present these fantastic works  in events to the greatest audience of arts/creative, appreciators. We endeavor to make art a personally interactive experience, as all of our representatives are creative developers themselves. 

All of our partners are influential industry professionals. If you are an aspiring creative or a fully established creative, we are always happy to hear from our audience and to provide constructive feedback on any art related questions you may have.

If you have any inquiries feel free to e-mail the studio itself at:

Blu.Water.Ink [at] gmail [dot] com

More information coming Soon!